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Lose Weight Without Hunger: 9 Simple Routines That Keep It Fun

Women always think that only they are concerned with losing weight. Well, no. Men also want to know how to lose weight, especially after their 25th birthday. This is possible with very complicated diets, but it is also possible without being hungry all day long.

Many diets do work for a short time, no matter what you do. But in the long term, you will start to eat more and differently. The daily routines below will help you lose weight without feeling hungry all day long. And you can safely eat a snack every now and then.

Losing weight without feeling hungry

Check out these simple daily routines that will make sure your New Year’s resolutions don’t have to go to the trash. If you go for a larger nutritional plan, consult your doctor or a nutrition expert.

Breakfast like a man

Very nice and healthy, a bowl of cottage cheese with blueberries in the morning. Especially continue, but we add breakfast like a man. Right, with eggs and possibly some avocado or lean bacon. This will keep you going for a long time, and you will have less need for snacks until lunch.

Eat more

Yes, that sounds strange if you want to lose weight, but eating more works. That is if you eat the good stuff. Have three healthy meals and three good snacks a day. You can exchange the chips, for example, for a bowl of mixed nuts, preferably with almonds. For an easy to follow the 28-day program, check out the Metashred diet.

Strength training

Losing weight and building muscle go together. Strength training not only makes you stronger and more attractive, but it also benefits your metabolism. You not only burn calories during strength training but also for a few hours afterward.

Try to avoid starch as much as possible.

Of course, you don’t have to stop with potatoes, bread, and pasta. But they can really be fattening. Starch, which is difficult to digest, is the main source of carbohydrates in this diet. Swap your potatoes for sweet potatoes and try whole grain pasta. Just as tasty, but you can lose weight with this. Eating less bread is also a good idea, but a nice sandwich every now and then is fine. In that case, take wholemeal bread.

Think before you eat anything

You also lose weight with your brain. Often you stop in without thinking about everything, even if you are not hungry. It may sound a bit floaty and easy, but think before you eat or are offered anything. Am I hungry? Is this going to satisfy me? What the hell am I putting in?

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Watch what you eat, but you will go crazy when you can never eat a pizza or chips slice again. Just stick to once a week. Take, for example, fries or a quarter pizza. Really, a few slices of pizza are as satisfying as a whole one. If you stick with it once a week, you will last longer than avoiding unhealthy snacks altogether.

No sweetened soft drinks

What you just have to stop: sweetened soda. The nice thing about this is that the need disappears pretty quickly when you stop. Simply because it is then too sweet and no longer tasty. A glass of Spa red with lemon is a great alternative, although the dentist is less happy with that. A glass of wine now and then is also fine. Be careful with beer, but fortunately, there are a lot of tasty light beers on the market today. By the way, you can also lose weight just by drinking beer, as this man proved—our advice: don’t try that.

Don’t be afraid of fat.

Not everything fat is bad. Fats ensure that you become saturated, and therefore you are not hungry for a while. As you probably know by now, there are also good fats. For example, you can simply eat these ten fatty products if you want to lose weight without being hungry.

9.30-minute interval

Everyone has a pedometer these days. And don’t get us wrong: walking is great, especially to maintain weight. But the most effective cardio fitness for weight loss is a 30-minute daily interval workout—alternate walking with intermediate sprints, so that you are out of breath every now and then.

Guest post contributed by Alice Muller